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Meet the UA Team

Meet the UA Team





About the magazine
By putting today’s research in the context of everyday life, United Academics Magazine strives to
connect science with society. The magazine aims to make science understandable and interesting
for each of us, by combining current topics, new research, multimedia content and interactive

Editors in Chief

With tips, tricks and editing we help our bloggers to improve their writing, to employ social media to gain attention and give science a catchy twist.


Science-lovers from around the world write engaging and insightful articles about new, interesting, fascinating and/or funny scientific issues.

Please meet:

Pieter Carrière:
“I started loving science when I learned about its historical heroes, because they have started to disclose the greatness of our universe and the complexity of life. Today, scientists use these foundations to take science to the next level.”

Chiara Civardi:
“I started loving science at the age of 10 because of a movie, Krippendorf’s Tribe, and a book, The Human Animal: they made me want to be a zooanthropologist. The will to study tribes from remote regions and analytically describe the human behavior was my driving force intoscience.” 

Jeffrey Daniels:
“I started loving science at around four years old because at that time I had started watching a kids’ show called “Magic School Bus”, which posed science topics in a very engaging and memorable way.”

Agnese Mariotti:
“I started loving science in high school during a biology class about chromosomes because I was enthralled by the possibility of curing genetic diseases.”

Rebekah Morrow:
“I started loving science when I took high school chemistry and realized that different elements burned different colors.”

Patrícia Fonseca Pedro:
“I started loving science at 10 because I was wondered by all those tinny little things which most people could not see, but which were so important for all organism’s lives: atoms, molecules, hormones, etc.”

Elisabeth Buhl Thubron:
“I started loving science at 5 years old – I would spend hours every day exploring traces left by animals in my garden and upturning rocks to find insects and then study them in magnifying jars!”

Geetanjali Yadav:
“I started loving science at school because it is factual and fantastic. It tells me how the world works.”
Flora Brils

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