Using Cannabis To Relieve Stress During Pregnancy

Using Cannabis To Relieve Stress During Pregnancy

Study shows that cannabis relieves stress and is not harmful to the child.cannabis, pregnancy, women, marihuana, weed, stress

Stress is a condition that affects more people every day. The association with different patterns of behavior, psychological well-being and physical health has been studied for quite some time. Stress is perceived as a psychological concept and therefore an abstract matter. However, most of the time, we can perceive when a person is stressed as it is frequently expressed somehow in our voice or body language. But there is still the question how it can affect others as a mental condition. Specifically, it is passed on to our children? How does it affect them?

Much has been said about stress in pregnancy. Prenatal exposures to stress are closely correlated with underdevelopment of the fetus and also to stressed children in the future. Effects of stress have also been compared to use of harmful substances like alcohol, and drugs like heroin.

It is mainly recommended that pregnant women do not look for unnecessary stressful situations, to the point of advising them to listen to classical music. As an example, is it really better for the child if his/her mother listens to classical music, only because of the baby, if this mother does not even like this type of music? Will it not be stressful for the mother to hear what she does not like and, therefore, also stressful for the baby? Besides, future mothers are subjected to every kind of stress nowadays: too much work, money problems, anxiety for what life may become after giving birth…

Mothers of the earth don’t despair! The solution might be cannabis!

Despite all the results of other American studies, not only it seems to be admissible for pregnant women to consume cannabis, it appears that consumption is not associated with fetus defects and it might actually make your son or daughter more adjusted and more prone to excel in life.

This study was performed in a population of pregnant Jamaican women, who have the habit of consuming cannabis in tea or tonic form to relieve symptoms like nausea and stress during pregnancy. Their children were also followed-up for some years and they don’t present any malformation or problem.

The dissimilarity between this result and the results from American studies might lie on a determined flaw: those studies do not usually differentiate cannabis usage from other substances such as alcohol and tobacco. Regretfully, after the results obtained by Dr. Melanie Dreher, the funding was discontinued, since it was mainly funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse and the results were clearly not convenient.

For more information on the subject: Women and Cannabis: Medicine, Science, and Sociology

Photo: Flickr, Federacion de asociaciones cannabicas
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cannabis, women, pregnancy, weed, marihuana, stress

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