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Top 6 Alternatives For Using Coca-Cola

Top 6 Alternatives For Using Coca-Cola

It’s not just a soft drink.

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Of course, you can use the cans to make toys and the banners to cheer up your café. The happy red-and-white even makes some travelers think of South-America, Asia or Africa. But the drink itself can also be used many creative ways. Here’s a top 6:

6. Cook
You can find many recipes on the web that add Coca-Cola to moisten up chocolate cakes. Diet coke is even the main ingrediënt in some very peculiar tasting, but healthy, brownies. Finally, with Coca-Cola you can deliciously marinate meat.

5. Kill pain
If you know the history of the most popular soft drink in the world, it won’t come as a surprise to you that Coca Cola is an effective pain killer. The inventor of the drink was colonel and pharmacist John Pemberton. He mixed coca leaves and cola nuts to relieve pain in 1886, but eventually decided to make a non-alcoholic refreshment out of it. It is especially helpful to pour over jellyfish stings.

4. Clean
Coca cola has been reported to serve all kinds of cleaning purposes. People say they wash clothes, windows, blackened pots and even get rid of the smell of skunks, just with Coca-Cola. The most well known effect of the acids is rust removal. YouTube it and you’ll see many examples of rusty objects soaking in coke and coming out like newborn babies.

3. Get Healthy
Many people, including doctors, swear by drinking Coca-Cola to calm down an upset stomach. In China coke has even been used in a medical operation. It served to dissolve gastric bezoars in a 73-year old diabetic woman.

2. Play
If you didn’t see the YouTube movies yet, watch this. You can make very cool explosions with diet coke and Mentos. These guys even designed a whole choreochraphy of Coca-Cola fountains.

1. Get holy
While in many countries citizens see the burping as a bad side effect of drinking coke, in Mexico it is just the other way around. Mexican priests are very glad with the modern drink, because it helps them burp out evil spirits.

Photo: Flickr, twicepix

Source: Listverse, Wired

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