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UA Podcast: Teachers and Technology in the Classroom

UA Podcast: Teachers and Technology in the Classroom

How computers are slowly taking over classrooms. 

You might remember a time where a computer sat unused in the back of your classroom. You might also imagine that nowadays every classroom is using computers and other modern learning tools. But that may not be the case. How do teachers view technology in their own classrooms? Thats the question Marie-Anne Mundy and her colleagues have been exploring in their recent research article ‘Teacher’s Perceptions of Technology Use in the Schools’. The results of this study, which may surprise some people, help lay out a strategy for how to better equip and prepare teachers for today’s classroom.


Reference: Marie-Anne Mundy,, Lori Kupczynski,, & Rick Kee (2012). Teacher’s Perceptions of Technology Use in the Schools SAGE Open : 10.1177/2158244012440813

Photo: The University of Iowa Libraries / flickr

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  • uksuperiorpapers
    May 18, 2012, 17:09

    As always it is the parents and teachers who should make education relevant to students. Technology should become an inclusive tool. Where all are able to have access to hardware and applications.Laptops, iPads, and laptop computers — paid for with the help of state dollars — are becoming an increasingly popular sight in classrooms.