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UA Podcast: Dan Shechtman on Quasicrystals

UA Podcast: Dan Shechtman on Quasicrystals

While it may now seem hardly contreversial to talk about quasicrystals, when Dr. Dan Schechtman first starting publishing about them in 1984, he was met with extreme hostility from the scientific community. “For a long time it was me against the world,” Schechtman has explained on numerious occasions, a situation that lasted about a decade until his work was finally recognized.

Today, a year since he recieved the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, Schechtman’s work is credited for making us “reconisider the conception of the very nature of matter.” Today’s podcast features Dan Schechtman as he explains quasicrystals and what was thought about them before his work became recognized and what is now understood and accepted. He also explains what it was like to be isolated and ridiculed, even by his own friends, all because of his theories based on his own research.


Source: Technion

Photo: CORE-Materials / flickr

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1 Comment

  • Kevin Kind
    November 21, 2012, 18:29

    This appears to be the way human knowledge progresses — always challenging social conventions and the status quo ideology. It is best for workers in new knowledge to understand the reactive defensive nature of our brains and plan for rejection and isolation.

    Likely without the isolation, however, the needed focus and concentration wouldn’t occur. In fact, in my work I now look at rejection as a sign I am being successful in creating something new and useful. Anything pop(ular) is probably dead wrong adn temporary.