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Truly Scary: A Whirlpool That Eats Everything

Truly Scary: A Whirlpool That Eats Everything

Still nobody knows where it all goes

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This movie was made next to a flooded riverbank in Latvia and uploaded on YouTube two days ago. Although almost 720.000 people have watched the video so far, it still remains a mystery what called this monster into existence.

Whirlpools are ususally caused by opposing currents or tides in oceans. Or, like you know from your own bathtub, when something is being drained. Some now think there’s a sinkhole hidden under the river. Others say:

“Holy Mount Ararat…So Moses and the Flood story are true…! I didn’t believe it before because I couldn’t figure out where all the water went after the flood, but now I know.”

”Throw a water proof GPS in it next time!”

Source: MSN, Yahoo

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