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Top 10 Things That Women Invented

Top 10 Things That Women Invented

Credit where credit is due, in a field that too often in the past has behaved as a boy’s club, here is a top ten list compiled by the smart people at HowStuffworks which showcases inventions created by gifted women.

10- The Circular Saw: In 1810 Tabitha Babbitt decided there was a better way to saw.

9- The Chocolate Chip Cookie: If you’re as big a fan as I am, then you know the accidental creation of Ruth Wakefield in 1930 would change the food world forever.

8- Liquid Paper: Also known as white out, Bette Nesmith Graham’s invention came in the late 1950’s and would be extremely important until the dawn of word processing via computer.

7- The Compiler and COBOL: A development from the military world, Admiral Grace Murray Hopper invented the first computer programming language and a tool to convert English commands to code.

6- Colored Flare System: It was the late 1800’s and Martha Coston developed a system for communicating using different colored flares.

5- Square Bottom Paper Bag: How many times has a brown paper bag come in handy in your life? All thanks to Margaret Knight back in 1870.

4- Dishwasher: The year was 1886 and Josephine Cochrane revolutionized doing the dishes with her machine.

3- Windshield Wiper: At the beginning of the 20th century Mary Anderson created an essential device for drivers everywhere.

2- Nystatin: Rachel Fuller Brown and Elizabeth Lee Hazen created this powerful fungus killing drug that is still big today.

10- Kevlar: In 1964 Stephanie Kwolek was working at Dupont when she created a material that is now known the world over for protecting against small arms fire.

Source: How Stuff Works

Photo: Isbi Armor / flickr

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1 Comment

  • Dan Dennis
    March 18, 2013, 02:24

    Pathetic list. Women have invented far more important stuff than this.