Mad Scientists – Vladimir Demikhov and His Two-Headed Dog

Mad Scientists – Vladimir Demikhov and His Two-Headed Dog

Demikov, mad science, two-headed dog, transplant, organThe Myth
The career of Russian surgeon Vladimir Demikhov began promising. During the ’30s he conceived the idea of organ transplant, something that at that time was regarded as science fiction. When World War II was over, he grabbed his chance. In 1946, he transplanted the first set of heart and lungs in a dog: the animal lived one day. Organ transplantation was a fact. Sadly, Demikhov decided to take it even one step further. He conducted a horrible project in which he transplanted the upper body of a puppy to the head of a mature German shepherd. Voila: a two-headed dog.

The Man
The story of the two-headed dog is not a myth. After two-headed dog no. 1 died, has created Demikhov nineteen other specimens. All dogs died very quickly to rejection symptoms or infections. Demikhov’s reputation would never be the same. The Dog Days were over .

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