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“The Choking Game” Claims First Fatal Belgian Victim

“The Choking Game” Claims First Fatal Belgian Victim

Squeezing someones throat to the point of unconsciousness for the purpose of obtaining a rush or hallucinations is called the Choking Game. Various methods and many different names may be used for this play; they are all dangerous. When the throat is released only a few seconds too late, it can be fatal.

As happened to a 10 year old boy from Mechelen, Belgium, last week. On Wednesdaynight, his parents found the boy unconscious in his room with a string around his neck. Soon after, he died in the hospital. He had talked about choking games several times with his friends.

According to the media, the choking game is gaining popularity among Belgian children, but the boy is the first fatal victim of the dangerous play in Belgium. Unfortunately the choking game is already a well-known phenomenon in other countries. Each year between 250 and 1000 young people in the U.S. and Canada seem to play some variant of the game.

Source: NOS

Photo: Everything Health

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