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The Chinese May Finally Be Allowed to Play Games

The Chinese May Finally Be Allowed to Play Games

China might lift 12-year ban on video game consoles.


The Wii, the PS3 and the Xbox 360 may be “home made”, the video game consoles have been banned in China since 2000. Now the government considers to make them legal again.

The ban was an attempt to protect Chinese youth from “hazardous” physical and mental effects of playing video games, after a parental outcry. It forbids manufacturing, sale and import of game consoles in China, although there is no regulatory body to monitor the ban. In addition, the ban rarely solved the “problem”, as shortly after it came into effect online gaming exploded. The Ministry of Culture now speaks with other ministries about a possible lifting of the ban, newspaper China Daily reported.

The Japanese seem very happy with the news. While there is no certainty yet, investors seemed to take an advance on the possible lifting of the Chinese game ban. The price of PlayStation manufacturer Sony and competitor Nintendo rose both with more than 8 percent on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. If the video game consoles are indeed accepted again in China, the manufacturers would be able to massively increase their market. Now consoles only make their way into China through the gray market, where they are bought and sold illegally.

Source: Volkskrant, Kotaku
Photo: Rishibando/Flickr

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