• Sick Of Stress: Is Fear Making Us Ill?

    Sick Of Stress: Is Fear Making Us Ill?10

    Fear of terror increases pulse, the risk of disease and subsequent death. The jitters, cold sweats, fast heart rates, heavy breathing. Fear is known to provoke strong bodily reactions. But how much does fear really influence our health? Can fear make you ill? And if so, is this preventable? In a study published in PNAS

  • Exercise Fights Chronic Stress-Dependent Depression

    Exercise Fights Chronic Stress-Dependent Depression0

    New mechanism unveiled, linking sports to stress related depression. Chronic stress (CS) is associated with the development of depression. Though the mechanisms are complex and still largely obscure, there is evidence that the general state of low-grade inflammation induced by Chronic stress plays a role in promoting depression. Chronic stress in fact modulates the activity

  • How Stress Promotes Atherosclerosis

    How Stress Promotes Atherosclerosis0

    Stress facilitates plaques inflammation and disruption Atherosclerosis is an inflammatory disease characterized by the “hardening” of the arteries. This is caused by the accumulation of deposits mainly composed of cell debris, fats, cholesterol, calcium, on the inner walls of arteries leading to vessels’ narrowing and decreased blood flow. These deposits are called plaques and they

  • Bacteria May Give You A Heart Attack!

    Bacteria May Give You A Heart Attack!0

    Bacterial biofilms associated with plaque may cause artery blockage. It hit me like a heart attack When you finally left me girl… Enrique Iglesias might have had a heart attack because of his beloved, in reality the culprit are bacteria. The most common cause of heart attack is Atherosclerosis, a condition where excess deposition of

  • New Explanation For Depression And Chronic Stress

    New Explanation For Depression And Chronic Stress0

    Researchers identified new mechanism responsible for brain dysfunctions. Major Depressive Disorder and chronic stress are both characterized by atrophy of neurons and loss of synapses (centers of neurotransmission that deliver neural impulses) in specific brain areas. It’s been recently shown that the prefrontal cortex of subjects with Major Depressive Disorder, analyzed postmortem, contains abnormally low expression

  • Using Cannabis To Relieve Stress During Pregnancy

    Using Cannabis To Relieve Stress During Pregnancy0

    Study shows that cannabis relieves stress and is not harmful to the child. Stress is a condition that affects more people every day. The association with different patterns of behavior, psychological well-being and physical health has been studied for quite some time. Stress is perceived as a psychological concept and therefore an abstract matter. However,