• 4 Easy Ways to Feel More Attractive

    4 Easy Ways to Feel More Attractive0

    Having a bad hair day, a huge pimple or did you gain some weight during the holidays? Don’t feel ugly, use these tips: 1. Have a drink. Or just think you’re having a drink. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder: the more alcoholic drinks people consume, the more attractive they perceive themselves

  • Smoking Rigs Your Cancer Risk

    Smoking Rigs Your Cancer Risk0

    Cancer is a genetic riddle; while many genes are associated with cancer, many people with cancer don’t necessarily have those genes. Conversely, many people who have “oncogenes” don’t come down with cancer. So, what’s going on? James Flanagan, a geneticist at Imperial College London, led a research team to find out. His team discovered that

  • Good to Know: Does Smoking Affect Hangovers?

    Good to Know: Does Smoking Affect Hangovers?1

    Alcohol and cigarettes are an inseparable combination to many. But if you don’t want to suffer the worst possible hangover it seems best to skip the tobacco. Researchers asked 113 US students to report their daily drinking and smoking behavior and hangover symptoms for eight weeks, which included having headaches, feeling tired or nauseous and