• Embarrassing Conditions: Bed-Wetting during Sex

    Embarrassing Conditions: Bed-Wetting during Sex0

    The world is full of of embarrassing conditions you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Every week, Carian discusses one. This week: Urination during sex. (Unwanted) urination during intercourse is not exactly a topic that people openly discuss. But actually it seems to be a common phenomenon among women. A study has found that 24%

  • Good to Know: What Does the “G” in “G-Spot” Stand for?

    Good to Know: What Does the “G” in “G-Spot” Stand for?0

    Recently, gynecologist Adam Ostrzenski managed to prove the existence of the G-spot, that appears to be a blue grape-like structure located deep beneath five layers of vaginal tissue in the upper, anterior part of the vagina. Although the structure of the mysterious G-spot has just been discovered, it was German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg who already