• Testosterone – The Hormone for Lovers AND Fighters

    Testosterone – The Hormone for Lovers AND Fighters0

    The male hormone testosterone not only leads to machismo and aggressiveness. New research by psychologist Leander van der Meij of Rijksuniversiteit Groningen shows that men who create high testosterone levels during a competitive situation with another man, are after the competition more inclined to flirt with a woman. Testosterone is known to be an important

  • Alcohol Causes Risky Sexual Behavior

    Alcohol Causes Risky Sexual Behavior0

    Every glass of alcohol increases someones intention to engage in unsafe sex, according to researchers of the Toronto University. Important information, since unsafe sex is the most important pathway to HIV. Until now, researchers were doubtful about the exact cause-and-effect relationship between alcohol consumption and unsafe sex. They questioned if alcohol consumption caused HIV via unprotected

  • Popping Viagra to Fight Skin Cancer

    Popping Viagra to Fight Skin Cancer0

    Viagra causes (impotent) men to get an erection. We all know that. However, there are many others reasons why one should pop the blue pill; it for example cures altitude sickness and counters pulmonary hemorrhage. Recently, German researchers found an even better reason: taking Viagra could help treat skin cancer. During their research, they examined

  • Male Friendships Promote Healthy Sex Life For Men

    Male Friendships Promote Healthy Sex Life For Men0

    New research suggests that sexual prob­lems in middle-aged and older aged men may be linked to the relationship between their best friends and their partner. The research was conducted by scholars at the University of Chicago and Cornell Uni­versity and is now published in the Ameri­can Journal of Sociology. They found a re­lationship between sexual