• Woman’s Walk Reveals Sexual History

    Woman’s Walk Reveals Sexual History1

    Ladies be aware: the way you walk reveals intimate details of your sex life! According to Belgian researchers, women walk differently when they have had vaginal orgasms. Researchers videotaped women walking on the street, half of whom were vaginally orgasmic – triggered solely by penile-vaginal intercourse (not orgasms from direct clitoral stimulation). Then sexologists blind

  • Scientist Finds Elusive G-spot in Corpse

    Scientist Finds Elusive G-spot in Corpse1

    Many women report extreme sexual pleasure from stimulation of an area in the upper, anterior part of the vagina known as the G-spot. However, until now, the structure of this phenomenon had not been anatomically determined. But with help from the dead body of a 83-year old woman, a gynecologist finally managed to prove the

  • Male Dolphins Are Bisexual

    Male Dolphins Are Bisexual0

    Male dolphins live in an “open society” and conduct complex social relationships that are unique among mammals, say scientists. Researchers of the University of Massachusetts studied more than 120 bottle-nose dolphins during a five-year period in Shark Bay, western Australia, and discovered the creatures engage in extensive bisexuality, combined with periods of exclusive homosexuality. The

  • One in Four HIV Patients Sexually Abused in Childhood

    One in Four HIV Patients Sexually Abused in Childhood0

    A new study found an important link between traumatic childhood experiences and worse health outcomes in later life. The Coping with HIV/AIDS in the Southeast (CHASE) study followed more than 600 HIV patients, aged 20 to 71, over a two-year period. According to the researchers, more than half of these patients had experienced abuse in

  • Why Women Make Noise During Sex

    Why Women Make Noise During Sex0

    Male ejaculation is influenced by female sex noises. If you are convinced you always make the ladies scream out of pleasure in bed, you may get disappointed. It seems that women use moaning, sighing, and dirty talk to manipulate men ejaculatory behavior to their advantage. Researchers of the University of Central Lancashire and the University

  • Books: Dirty Minds. How Our Brains Influence Love, Sex and Relationships

    Books: Dirty Minds. How Our Brains Influence Love, Sex and Relationships0

    Is love addictive? What roles do oxytocin, dopamine and testosterone play in our lives? What does the brain tell us about homosexuality? With ‘Dirty Minds’ Kayt Sukel seeks to explain love and relationships on a scientific level. By using human MRI studies and animal research on dogs, monkeys, and monogamous prairie voles, Sukel has thoroughly