• Sick Of Stress: Is Fear Making Us Ill?

    Sick Of Stress: Is Fear Making Us Ill?10

    Fear of terror increases pulse, the risk of disease and subsequent death. The jitters, cold sweats, fast heart rates, heavy breathing. Fear is known to provoke strong bodily reactions. But how much does fear really influence our health? Can fear make you ill? And if so, is this preventable? In a study published in PNAS

  • Disturbing Facts About Sunscreen

    Disturbing Facts About Sunscreen6

    What you should know about sun cream ingredients. Summer is back again and so is the yearly dilemma: how can I enjoy the nice weather and protect my skin at the same time? With such a plethora of sunscreens which one should I use? We can distinguish two types of UV filters. Sunscreen active ingredients

  • New Target To Treat Obesity And Age-Related Diseases

    New Target To Treat Obesity And Age-Related Diseases0

    Increasing fat metabolism and longevity FAT10 seems promising. Nomen omen, destiny in a name. So it seems for the gene that was called FAT10 at the time of its discovery, and not because of any relation to adiposity, but because it lay next to another gene known as HLA-F: from here its imaginative name F Adjacent