• Early Human Diet Went Grassy

    Early Human Diet Went Grassy0

    A dietary link to standing on two legs, big brains Modern apes eat mostly fruits and leaves in heavily wooded forests. Until recently, scientists believed that early human ancestors shared this diet. But a series of studies from the University of Utah found that our ancestors expanded their culinary tastes to grasses and grains, as

  • Are Robots Good Elderly Companions?

    Are Robots Good Elderly Companions?0

    Does spending time with a non-human friend improve health? It is one of those techno-social questions that keeps coming back, especially as technology improves and the global population continues to age.  If so many senior citizens are in need of assistance around the house as well as companionship to ensure good physical and mental health,

  • Is Everyone Really Just Six Handshakes Away?

    Is Everyone Really Just Six Handshakes Away?0

    Let’s see if we know the whole world in six steps It’s something you’ve probably heard about on a birthday party somewhere. That we are actually connected with every single person in the world just via six people that know each other. So everyone is actually your friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend. The idea