• Your Risk Of Disease: Would You Want To Know?

    Your Risk Of Disease: Would You Want To Know?2

    Top DNA testing company has been banned from selling its popular test. It was only a few weeks ago that I was discussing this hot topic with my flatmate. Private companies are selling a direct-to-consumer service that scans your genome for disease-associated variations in your DNA sequence. Who wouldn’t want to know their future risk

  • Should Genes Be Patentable?

    Should Genes Be Patentable?0

    The Supreme Court of the US will rule if Genes can be patented or not. If someone is able to isolate a specific gene in the human body, that can then be used to create some new treatment or medical procedure, can they then patent that gene? That is the question the Supreme Court of

  • A Plant That’s Forever Young

    A Plant That’s Forever Young0

    In the search for energy alternatives to fossil fuels like oil and coal, researchers and governments are turning to biomass. Energy from plant matter could be less polluting and more sustainable than fossil fuels, but only if you could grow enough. Now, if a plant stayed young forever, it would just grow and grow, and