• The 12 Most Majestic Trees in the World

    The 12 Most Majestic Trees in the World0

      Yellow Autumn in Central Park, NYC the most beautiful trees pictures, 10 most beautiful trees in the world,beautiful nature photos world

  • Toasters From the 1920s

    Toasters From the 1920s3

    How did one toast some bread in the 1920s? The toaster was probably first invented and put on the market by the company General Electrics in 1908, although the brand Hotpoint claims they had toasters already back  in 1905. The “pop up” toaster was patented in 1919. During the 1920s many new types and brands

  • Gallery: Beautiful (Yet Disgusting) Slime Molds

    Gallery: Beautiful (Yet Disgusting) Slime Molds0

    These images prove that molds can actually be super pretty. It is not just mold though; it is slime mold, referring to part of its life cycles where it can appear as gelatinous slime. Slime mold is usually found in soil, lawns and on the forest floor, where it feeds on microorganisms that live in

  • Inspired by Science: Nudes in Motion

    Inspired by Science: Nudes in Motion0

    These images may look like long-exposure shots, but are actually a composition created by combining ten thousand photographs of a nude dancing model. The series is the most recent work of New York-based Japanese photographer Shinichi Maruyama. [slideshow] Source: Shinichi Maruyama

  • Inspired by Science: Art of Neuroscience

    Inspired by Science: Art of Neuroscience0

    Neuroscientists were challenged to show the beauty of their research object in the Dutch “Art of Neuroscience” competition. “I believe that by definition good scientists are creative,” says Tycho Hoogland, neuroscientist and initiator of Art of Neuroscience. “Deeper insights are often the result of playing with ideas.” This year’s results are displayed below. The gallery

  • Inspired by Science: Beautiful Monsters from the White Sea

    Inspired by Science: Beautiful Monsters from the White Sea0

    Alexander Semenov, head of the scientific divers team of the White Sea Biological Station in Russia, captured these stunning photos of underwater creatures. The White Sea is a southern inlet of the Barents Sea, located on the northwestern coast of Russia, hosting more than 700 species of invertebrates, about 60 species of fish and 5