• Just How Bad Are Rich People, Anyway?

    Just How Bad Are Rich People, Anyway?0

    Do people in higher socio-economic positions tend to act out of greed? Professor Paul Piff at UC Berkeley recently conducted a study attempting to see if there was some type of correlation between a person’s socio-economic status and the way they conduct themselves morally and ethically. Piff felt compelled to disprove the popular conservative stereotype

  • The Top 7 Disruptive Technologies

    The Top 7 Disruptive Technologies0

    What will change tomorrow? There are new technologies that are cool, some that are scary, and others that are just duds. But a fourth type of technology is known as “disruptive” for its capacity to dislodge the status quo, send us thinking in new directions and change the world. The problem, though, with disruptive technologies

  • To Feed the World, Eat More Types of Plants

    To Feed the World, Eat More Types of Plants0

    We only eat 12 of 300,000 species If the planet’s population is going to go from 7 billion today to 8 billion by 2025, then we’re going to have to find more to eat. But while there are 300,000 species of flowering plants, we only use about a dozen for food. Cornell University biologist Susan