• Spiders Sailing The Seven Seas

    Spiders Sailing The Seven Seas0

    Discovery of a new type of behaviour shows that some spiders are really good sailors. Spiders everywhere With the exception of the coldest places on our planet, spiders are almost everywhere. From giant bird-eating tarantulas to pin-prick-sized web-builders, from solitary hunters to social colonies, spiders are versatile in more ways than one. Some of our

  • Glowing In The Dark Won’t Get You Laid

    Glowing In The Dark Won’t Get You Laid0

    Male genetically modified zebrafish aren’t exactly Casanova’s. First things first, this is not written as an argument for or against genetic modification. It’s an intense and complicated debate, and shouting or finger-pointing will get us nowhere. Anyway, that’s for another day. Now, it’s time for funky science. One of the arguments that opponents of genetically

  • Lar Gibbons Give Clues To Language Origins

    Lar Gibbons Give Clues To Language Origins0

    Lar gibbon language may provide insight into the evolution of human language. Also known as ‘white-handed gibbons’, adult lar gibbons are only about a half-meter tall, and thus, like most primates, including our own genetic ancestors, require means by which they can scope out potential predators, as well as telling others of places where food

  • Diet: Giving The Gift Of A Longer Life

    Diet: Giving The Gift Of A Longer Life0

    Yeast cells on a diet live longer, as do their neighbors. A substantial part of one of the earliest works of human literature, the Epic of Gilgamesh, details the search of the eponymous hero for eternal life. Throughout history, stories that revolve around the desire for immortality keep turning up. Of course, all that is

  • Suicide In Organisms Can Benefit Kin

    Suicide In Organisms Can Benefit Kin0

    New study explains suicide by natural selection and ‘survival of the fittest’. Single-celled organisms regularly kill themselves in reaction to environmental stresses. From an evolutionary point of view, this behavior is mysterious. What is the fitness advantage to the dying individual? Why would natural selection permit suicide? A new study provides some answers. The researchers

  • New Carnivore Species Discovered in Ecuador

    New Carnivore Species Discovered in Ecuador0

    A case of mistaken identity It’s been seen in the wild and presented in zoos around the world, but yet, a mysterious creature has been victim of mistaken identity for over 100 years! Going on a journey from dusty museums in Chicago to exuberant forests in South America, a team of researchers led by Kristofer