• Hibernation Could Help Injured Humans

    Hibernation Could Help Injured Humans0

    Factors that help bears stay healthy during hibernation may be useful for humans. Last month we told you about some of the latest research on bears, hibernation, and a connection that may help manage heart disease in humans. But this month there yet another development that bear researchers have stumbled upon, this time regarding a

  • Top Ten Useless Limbs

    Top Ten Useless Limbs0

    Here’s a top ten list of useless limbs in both humans and the animal world. As far back as 1859, when Charles Darwin published “On the Origin of Species”, there have been references to limbs that serve no purpose in humans as well as animals.  They are considered vestiges of evolutionary ancestors; species of sea

  • Pic of the Day: Leonardo da Vinci – The Anatomist

    Pic of the Day: Leonardo da Vinci – The Anatomist0

    Did you know Leonardo da Vinci was a pioneer in the study of anatomy? Later this week, the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace is putting on display 87 pages of his notebooks packed with detailed notes and astonishing drawings of bones, organs, vessels and muscles. This exhibition is the largest ever of Leonardo da Vinci’s

  • Inspired by Science: Anatomical Drawings of Mermaids and More

    Inspired by Science: Anatomical Drawings of Mermaids and More0

    If you have ever wondered about the makeup of mermaids, monsters, nymphs and even Spiderman, then you really need to take a look at these pieces of art. Fascinated with dissection drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, artist Walmor Corrêa has created a series of anatomical illustrations that focuses on mythical beings which inhabit the legends

  • Scientist Finds Elusive G-spot in Corpse

    Scientist Finds Elusive G-spot in Corpse1

    Many women report extreme sexual pleasure from stimulation of an area in the upper, anterior part of the vagina known as the G-spot. However, until now, the structure of this phenomenon had not been anatomically determined. But with help from the dead body of a 83-year old woman, a gynecologist finally managed to prove the

  • da Vinci Drawings Available for the First Time

    da Vinci Drawings Available for the First Time0

    Described as the most amazingly detailed and accurate anatomical drawings of all time, a collection of Leonardo daVinci’s anatomical drawings are going on display for the first time ever.  The drawings illustrate how the man more often celebrated as an artist and engineer, also had an excellent understanding of human anatomy. The sketches, which had been