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Recommended Watching | Baraka

Recommended Watching | Baraka

Does technology remove us further away from nature? Are we slaves of our own technology? Are we competing with nature? These are three of the many questions that enter your mind when you watch the non-verbal documentary film Baraka.

The name Baraka translates to ‘breath of life’ or ‘blessing’ in different languages. The beautiful time-lapse photography will take you on an eye opening journey through 25 countries on 6 continents. It offers a new perspective on our existence, or as director Ron Fricke describes: “Baraka is a guided meditation on humanity.”

Baraka is divided in three parts. The first part visualizes nature, aborigines and the rituals they use to connect with nature and themselves. The second part reveals how technology can place societies far away from nature. You’ll witness industrial madness, concentration camps and human remains of war. In the third part the frames return to old, but still very much alive cultures and temples, a great inheritance from ancient societies.

Nature is in constant rival with man and technology. It makes you wonder…

This article was originally published in the tablet issue Predicting Science

Soeshanah Snel

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