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Pic of the Day – Rescued Baby Owl

Pic of the Day – Rescued Baby Owl

Photographer and wild animal rescuer Gavin Parsons – in collaboration with UK rescue centres – created a photo collection of baby birds that were bought in for care. The Baby Bird project serves as both an art and scientific project, highlighting the annual influx of juvenile birds through creating larger than life detailed images to show both the public and the rescuers what the birds actually look like.

Gavin Parsons: “These birds are seldom seen in this state in such detail. Usually they flit and dart around so much or are huddled in a nest that it is hard for anyone to fully appreciate the complexity of their feather design or the folds of their skin. Rescue centre workers don’t really get a chance to study as closely as one of these pictures does.”

Check out more pictures of the Baby Bird project here.

Photo: Gavin Parsons / Rex Features

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