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  • Editors Note | Katja Keuchenius

    Editors Note | Katja Keuchenius0

    What does science hold for us in 2014? We were wondering about it at United Academics and decided to ask our editors around the world to answer this question in any written form they liked. They enthusiastically sent us small papers, short news stories, well-constructed essays and even a poem. Their conclusion? 2014 is going

  • Where Have my Particles Gone?

    Where Have my Particles Gone?0

    The year of nanoparticles environmental fate photograph © Erica Minton I stopped listening and believing to New Year predictions after 2000. 2000 was The Year: the millennium bug, the end of the World, the second coming of Jesus, portable quantum generators, implanted microchips all over your body to shape your surroundings as you prefer… Anything

  • Self-Made Cigarettes More Addictive Than Ready-Made Ones

    Self-Made Cigarettes More Addictive Than Ready-Made Ones0

    Roll-your-own cigarettes are not healthier. Ages ago, when I was still in high school, I had a friend who used to roll his own cigarettes. He was so beautiful and I was so fascinated by his charming movements, especially since I have no manual skills at all. However, when I asked him why he decided

  • Recipe For Asterix’s Drink Discovered

    Recipe For Asterix’s Drink Discovered0

    Ancient cooking school: the Nordic grog. If you have ever seen „Asterix and the Vikings” I am sure you will remember Olaf Timandahaf and its Viking tribe, celebrating and drinking from skull- made mugs. However, the nature of this drink was never revealed. The scope a new study conducted by McGovern et al. was to

  • Why We Never Find Dinosaur Poo: New Explanation

    Why We Never Find Dinosaur Poo: New Explanation0

    Cockroach as maid? Yes, if you were a dinosaur. Imagine you finish high school and you decide to go to University and study Palaeontology, insipired by Jurassic Park movies. So you start to understand the anatomy of Tyrannosaurs and Triceratops, and then, suddenly, one day you realize they must have pooped, like any other animal.

  • You Use Nanoparticles Everyday: 4 Examples

    You Use Nanoparticles Everyday: 4 Examples2

    Brief list of the major nanomaterials in your daily products. Nanoparticles have existed throughout the history of the world and can even be produced by some organisms. However, intentionally manmade nanoparticles, also called engineered nanoparticles, are somehow new. Nanotechnology is a field of research that has quickly and greatly developed in the last decades, and


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