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  • Scientists Scanning Wood: “The More Dimensions, The Better”

    Scientists Scanning Wood: “The More Dimensions, The Better”0

    An interview with Dr. Jan Van den Bulcke, about X-ray computed tomography on wood The Annual Meeting of the International Research Group on Wood Protection looks like a huge family reunion, where old friends catch up after a long time. Still, the conference is a real must in wood science: it brings together experts from

  • 11 Tips To Write Popular Science Articles

    11 Tips To Write Popular Science Articles2

    Bridging the gap between science and society. Science and society are two worlds which often lie far from each other, however, they need each other. New scientific insights can for instance lead to better treatment of a devastating disease. However, scientific institutes need funding from society to perform their experiments. Since a lot of Western

  • Do Nanoparticles Have A “Brand New” Property?

    Do Nanoparticles Have A “Brand New” Property?0

    Research reveals that nanoparticles can break the rules of thermodynamic: what do these findings imply? Are you an undergraduate who will soon approach the end of semester Thermodynamic exam? Stop studying immediately! Last week popular scientific websites were full of the “big” news:  nanoparticles violate the second rule of thermodynamics.  It made me eager to

  • Meet the UA Team

    Meet the UA Team0

          About the magazine By putting today’s research in the context of everyday life, United Academics Magazine strives to connect science with society. The magazine aims to make science understandable and interesting for each of us, by combining current topics, new research, multimedia content and interactive graphics. Editors in Chief With tips, tricks

  • How You Understand What Your Pet Is Saying

    How You Understand What Your Pet Is Saying0

    Mechanisms behind cross- species emotions recognition revealed. Once I was watching a cartoon where a cute little cat was in danger and was desperately crying for help. Suddenly, my cat ran to the TV and started to look for the poor cat in need of help. The same happens when we humans hear a baby crying.

  • Prehistoric Giant Virus Found

    Prehistoric Giant Virus Found4

    Ancient viruses can be brought back to life. Prehistoric giant virus buried in the Siberian ice recovered from a scientific expedition. No, it is not the plot of “The Thing”, but the utter truth: a thirty- thousand- year old virus, whose dimensions are 50 times bigger than the ones of average virus from today, was


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