Connect Science and Society

Amsterdam, 2013: moved by the desire to break the barriers to universal access to knowledge, Louis Lapidaire, Robert Kuiper, and Anouk Vleugels founded United Academics (UA).

Since then, the group grew but the same goal forward. Our international team works to realize today the mission set by our founders: to connect science and society, by making knowledge accessible to everyone.

UA Magazine

By putting today’s research in the context of everyday life, we strive to connect science and society. With the help of dedicated bloggers, we deliver news articles, opinion pieces and long-features, covering science-related topics, from the human body and mind to the outer space. 


COALIBRY.ORG collects all available research that has been published in open
Access in one environment.

Currently, over 40 million papers and research articles are available in COALIBRY and can be found and accessed through a simple search tool.

UA Foundation

At UA Foundation, we advocate for and promote Open Access to scientific research output. One of our objectives is to popularize and spread Open Access in scholarly work, by delivering news and the latest updates on the open access field.