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United Academics (UA) was founded in 2013 by Louis Lapidaire, Robert Paul Kuiper and Anouk Vleugels, in Amsterdam. At United Academics, we believe that knowledge should be accessible for everyone, instead of being trapped beyond paywalls. We are a group of young and international people who strive to achieve our mission: to connect science and society.

UA Magazine

By putting today’s research in the context of everyday life, we strive to connect science and society. With the help of dedicated bloggers, we deliver news articles, opinion pieces and long-features, covering science-related topics, from the human body and mind to the outer space. 

OA Library

In the OA Library, we make scientific papers available for everyone. Without logging in, users can download PDFs with just one click. Articles in our OA Library were all published ‘Open Access’, but were often very hard or impossible to download for everyone.

UA Foundation

At UA Foundation, we advocate for and promote Open Access to scientific research output. One of our objectives is to popularize and spread Open Access in scholarly work, by delivering news and the latest updates on the open access field.