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Ode to the GIF

Ode to the GIF

The humble GIF now sparks a new digital artform.


Probably everybody browsing the web has seen or used them; GIFs, the small often animated images used in emoticons, simple diagrams or logo’s. This Graphic Interchange Format has been around for more than 25 years now but it’s still widely used for storing simple graphics with relatively few colors. During it’s heyday in the nineties all the websites used them, often to a point were the choppy movements of the animations could get a bit overwhelming.

Still you would probably think of GIFs just as funny, quirky, animations and nothing more. It’s definitely not art, right?

Since it’s introduction in 1987 the format has come a long way. With the help of some graphic design software a few artist challenged this notion. They are able to bring the hypnotic power of the looping animation to a higher level.

Below you can check out some examples of modern GIF art.


Image: Hexa
Matthew Divito (Mr. Div)


Image: Core
Matthew Divito (Mr. Div)

Who would have thought the humble GIF would spark a new digital artform and even get it’s own Art Festival. We are so proud….

First image: Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

Robin Vos

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