Latest Theory of Everything to Hit the Physics Shelves

Latest Theory of Everything to Hit the Physics Shelves

‘Agravity’ may just tie together gravity and the other fundamental forces of nature.

Agravity, short for ‘adimensional gravity’, is one of the most recent Theory of Everything (ToE) proposals in a long line of such proposals that have come about ever since the problem of reconciling Gravity with the Standard Model was realized by physicists.

The Standard Model, in picture form

The abstract of a recent publication on this theory in the Cornell University Library contains sentences like: ” This is how the Higgs boson behaves for Mh≈125 GeV at Mt≈171 GeV. Within agravity, inflation is a generic phenomenon: the slow-roll parameters are given by the β-functions of the theory, and are small if couplings are perturbative. The predictions ns≈0.967 and r≈0.13 arise if the inflaton is identified with the Higgs of gravity”

Yes, physicists can actually read and understand that jibberish…

So, what exactly is this theory all about?

It attempts to merge gravity with the Higgs interaction (the thing that gives particles mass and electric charge) and thus the rest of the Standard Model by reconciling the huge difference between the Planck Scale (on the order of 1019 giga-electron-volts (GeV) = 1011 Joules (J)) and the relatively small masses of all the other particles (the heaviest particle is the top quark with a mass of 171 GeV = 171,000,000,000 eV = 0.000,000,0171 J). These particles inhabit a region called the Weak Scale.

Basic tenets of Agravity:

-The Universe initially contains no real scales, and therefore all interactions between forces and particles are renormalizable by default (‘renormalizable’ means the equations describing the interactions are all solvable no matter what the conditions in the Universe are).
-Various quantum effects that also regularly break other quantum symmetries can also break the mass-energy symmetries, thus appearing to give rise to those scales as we know them.
-A side-effect of the theory is that it produces a ‘ghost’ in the form of an anti-graviton (a ghost is an entity that exists really only in the equations that describe an interaction, and not in reality, in order to completely balance said equations).

The idea that all interactions are renormalizable by default is awesome, should the theory prove to be true, because as it stands now gravity is non-renormalizable at the Planck Scale – because the amount of variables one needs to take care of at that level is infinite in number. Any theory reconciling gravity with the quantum world must overcome this mathematical ‘barrier’.

But like any ToE model, Agravity can only really be vindicated through finds made at particle colliders, and only time will tell if it actually will be.

Picture of Standard model:

Jeffrey Daniels

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