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Why IQ-tests Fail: Three Forms of Intelligence

Why IQ-tests Fail: Three Forms of Intelligence

IQ tests tell little about your intelligence.

Did you know Quentin Tarantino has an IQ of 160? That’s impressive, but it doesn’t give a full insight in his intelligence, a new study points out. The researchers argue that it’s wiser to measure three different aspects of intelligence rather than putting them all together in one single score.

The Canadian research tested over 100.000 people from around the world. The subjects reported about their lifestyle and background and completed 12 online cognitive tasks. The researchers found out not one of these tests could accurately tell how well a person would score on average.einstein, IQ, intelligence, test

Instead three different aspects of intelligence were visible: short term memory,  reasoning and a verbal component. People can perform well at one of these and score significantly lower on the other two, or vice versa.

The researchers also found other interesting insights in the intelligence of people. They say brain training tricks don’t seem to help, but people who play videogames did show better reasoning and short term memory skills.

Furthermore age seems to affect both reasoning and short term memory, but not the verbal component of intelligence. Smokers on the other hand have less verbal abilities and short term memory but show no difference in reasoning skills. People with anxiety seemed to have more problems with their short term memory.

Photo: Flickr, IceSabre
Source: The Star, Inquisitr

Hampshire, A., Highfield, R., Parkin, B., & Owen, A. (2012). Fractionating Human Intelligence Neuron, 76 (6), 1225-1237 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuron.2012.06.022

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