Inspired by Science: 3D Printed Fashion by Iris van Herpen

Inspired by Science: 3D Printed Fashion by Iris van Herpen

By merging the digital and the hand-made, the Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen keeps testing the limits of creativity. What to think of a halter-dress made from what appeares to be a skeleton? Or the shiny black tubes that are wrapped around a mini-dress? Admire the impressive dark techno style of Iris van Herpen.

In all her works, Van Herpen highlights the contradiction between beauty and regeneration. She creates a unique type of couture that combines the qualities of hand-worked materials with the effects of digital technology. In Capriole, her latest collection, the fashion designer presented five architectural looks, using a special printing technique for her dresses. She worked with the architect Isaie Bloch and MGX in making 3D prints, initially printed with digital technology on the designs and mixed with fabric materials.

Via: Iris van Herpen All the photos are © Iris Van Herpen.

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