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Hungarian Artist Photoshops Herself In Iconic Pictures

Hungarian Artist Photoshops Herself In Iconic Pictures

If we would get the chance to go back in time to witness important or iconic moments in history, how would we behave? Would we actually try to experience the moment, or be totally preoccupied with our social media and cameras so we could “share” it with others?

Hungarian photographer and retoucher Flóra Borsi created this series, titled ‘Time Travel’, in which she photoshopped herself and her camera in historical photographs of famous people.

Here’s what Borsi writes about the project:

How would time travel affect life as we know it? Capture the most important events in history, upload to instagram, twitter, facebook? If time travel did indeed become a reality, how would it affect our world as we currently experience it? I imagined how I would to do!










ANDY WARHOL 02.jpgSource: Petapixel.com

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