Why You Always Empty Your Beer That Fast

Why You Always Empty Your Beer That Fast

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Researchers from Bristol University’s school of experimental psychology have found that people drinking beer from curved glasses tend to drink it faster than those with straight glasses. This might be so because it’s harder to calculate the amount of beer in the curved glasses.

The researchers picked up 159 individuals, men and women aged 18-40, and asked them to drink around 0.35 litres (12 fl oz) of lager or soft drink, either from a straight glass or a curved one. Also, they were showed pictures of glasses and asked to determine how full they were.

In the case of people with soft drinks, there was no much difference between drinking from a curved glass or a straight one (around 7 minutes). But in the case of beer, people with curved glasses tended to drink it in 7 minutes against the 12 minutes of people with straight glasses.

‘Drinking time is slowed by almost 60% when an alcoholic beverage is presented in a straight glass compared with a curved glass,’ they write in the study. The conclusion is that ‘glass shape appears to influence the rate of drinking of alcoholic beverages,’ which ‘may represent a modifiable target for public health interventions.’

The paper is published in PLoS ONE.

Source: BBC News, The Guardian

Photo: stock.xchng/denius

Attwood AS, Scott-Samuel NE, Stothart G, & Munafò MR (2012). Glass shape influences consumption rate for alcoholic beverages. PloS one, 7 (8) PMID: 22912776

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