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Green Lifestyle

Green Lifestyle

Going Green: The Process of Lifestyle Change

The fact that all over the world people do things in there everyday lives in an effort to reduce their energy use, waste, and other environmentally connected life habits is a subject that inspired Janet A. Lorenzen’s research article entitled “Going Green: The Process of Lifestyle Change.”

Reducers, religious environmentalists and green home owners

In her research Lorenzen interviewed a series of families between 2009 and 2010, who fit into one of three categories: reducers- people who try to reduce waste and use of resources, religious environmentalists-those who feel it is their duty to adopt environmentally responsible living habits, and green home owners- those that have built and invested in ecologically innovative housing. Through these interviews comes a sense of what green lifestyles are about and the how/why families have made these practices such core aspects of their daily lives.

Whereas the environmentalist that is often referred to in the media, gets lifted out of regular life and put on some protest pedestal, what such research successfully does is put environmentalism back in a more familiar and small scale context. Everyone doing their little part, maybe not changing the world, but certainly changing their world and their immediate community, little by little.

Source: ASA Contexts
Image Credit: Unsplash / Flickr

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