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Fruit From The Amazon Can Kill Cancer

Fruit From The Amazon Can Kill Cancer

Although it looks like Yoda’s head it appears a miracle cure.

Soursop, cancer, cure, chemotherapy, Amazon, acetogenins, annonacin, fruitThe fruit is called the Soursop, aka Graviola, and it is an evergreen tree species found in the Amazon rainforest.

This plant has been shown several times to cure cancer more effectively than chemotherapy – with NO side-effects found.

Three separate studies prove this amazing ability of the odd, prickly thing:

1) A 1997 Purdue study, which showed that the acetogenins – the active ingredient in soursop’s magical powers – not only destroy cancer cells regardless of their otherwise resistance to cancer drugs, but that this chemical prefers the more resistant types.  They also proved that the chemical works by disrupting the transfer of ATP through the cell.

2) A 1976 study by the National Cancer Institute, which noted that the acetogenins found in Soursop stems and leaves could effectively kill off a whole host of various human cancers.

3) A 2003 study in Taiwan found that one of the principal acetogenins, annonacin, was extremely effective against ovarian, cervical, breast, bladder, and skin cancer in humans, even at low doses.

So, the soursop seems to work more effectively than chemotherapy, and apparently with no side-effects.  Perhaps one day soursop treatment for cancer might replace chemotherapy in the medical world?
Soursop, cancer, cure, chemotherapy, Amazon, acetogenins, annonacin, fruit

This post was written by Jeffrey Daniels:
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Soursop, cancer, cure, chemotherapy, Amazon, acetogenins, annonacin, fruit

Jeffrey Daniels

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  • mm
    June 19, 2014, 12:59

    That’s very good news, since the soursop, (A.K.A. Guanábana) is the best tasting fruit ever. Especially if a Colombian turns it into a milkshake.

    • mm
      Jeffrey Daniels@Katja
      June 19, 2014, 17:38

      Yet another reason to look into using the soursop (aka guanábana, aka graviola, aka pawpaw, …) for cancer treatment — suck on an awesome-tasting fruit and still be as active as ever, instead of wasting away on a hospital bed and still risk having to go through it all over again.

      Thanks for sharing, Katja!

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    January 6, 2019, 17:06

    I guess that there is something more to this fruit. We all need to first work on research papers on breast cancer and then try to reach to a certain thing. Only that will help us for srue.

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