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Feminine Woman Is More Attractrive to Taken Man

Feminine Woman Is More Attractrive to Taken Man

womanWomen’s facial features can determine length of relationship.

The study examined whether a woman’s facial features are somehow connected to her attractiveness, and more specifically, if men would rather have a short fling with her, or a serious relationship.

The researchers made use of a group of 393 heterosexual men, of which 207  said to be in a relationship. The participants were asked to rate the attractiveness of 10 paired images of pictures of women. These pairs contained one picture in which the feminine traits were digitally enhanced, and one in which masculine features were emphasized. The men also had to report for every picture if they considered the depicted woman more suitable for a long-term, or short-term relationship.

The results showed that the men who already had girlfriends / wives were more interested in the feminine type – specifically for short-term relationships.

The author, Anthony Little, explained: “It’s interesting that these findings are comparable to previous research that indicates women’s preference for masculine male faces are higher if they were judging for short-term relationships.  Our findings point to a similar preference in men. When they already have a partner, men find more feminine women more attractive for short-term relationships.

Anthony C. Little et al. (2013). Men’s strategic preferences for femininity in female faces British Journal of Psychology DOI: 10.1111/bjop.12043

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