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Embarrassing Conditions: A Fur of Nails

Embarrassing Conditions: A Fur of Nails

The world is full of of embarrassing conditions you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Every week, Carian discusses one. This week: growing nails in place of hair.

Unusual nail growth may signify health problems ranging from psoriasis to vitamin deficiency and comes in many forms. The nails may become brittle, break easily, or develop white spots. But who cares about a broken nail, when you could suffer from nails that grow out of hair follicles.

This worst case scenario happened to Shanyna Isom, 28, from Memphis. Three years ago, in September 2009, she suffered an asthma attack and was prescribed steroids. Within hours her whole body started to itch. Over time black bumps were slowly covering here body.

Doctors were clueless about what had caused the allergic reaction, tested her from A to Z and experimented with all kinds of treatments. Unfortunately, her situation only got worse and Shanyna became bedridden as the illness took over.

In 2011, doctors were finally able to establish that the bumps were in fact human nails. The result of exceptional skin production: she produces 12 times the normal number of skin cells per hair follicle, which suffocates her skin.

Doctors have been able to control her symptoms, however, the debilitating skin disease remains a medical mystery.

Source: Daily Mail, WMCTV

Photo via Gir Bakalim

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