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Doctor Removes 13 Cm Worm from Man’s Eye

Doctor Removes 13 Cm Worm from Man’s Eye

An example of a loa loa nested in someone’s eye.

What seems impossible – and in any case your worst nightmare – happened to a 75-year-old man in India. After a period of persistent pain in his eye, a doctor found out that the suffering was caused by a 13 centimeter-long worm living in his eye.

Probably the loa loa, better known as the eye worm, entered the bloodstream of the patient through a wound in his foot or from eating raw or improperly cooked food, before it nested in the eye.

The man underwent immediate surgery to prevent the worm from going into the layers of the eye which would have caused visual loss. The specialist did so by making a small opening in the conjunctiva so the parasite could be removed.

“It was wriggling there under the conjunctiva,” the Indian doctor told AFP, referring to the thin membrane lining the eye. “It was the first time in my career of 30 years that I had seen such a case.”

The doctor had previously only heard of worms of about two to three centimeters being removed. “Probably this is a record,” he said.

Source: Volkskrant, Dawn

Photo via Stanford University

Carian Thus

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