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Boosting Your Salary By Lowering Your Voice

Boosting Your Salary By Lowering Your Voice

Deeper voices manage larger companies and make more money.

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It’s sexier, we already knew that. But lower voices do more than just turning people on. It appears a deep sound also means more success in your career. A new study makes some pretty clear statements about the associations between wage, management power, tenure and the tone of voice.

American researchers collected 792 speech samples of male Chief Executive Officers and compared their pitch levels to data about the subject’s career. They thus came up with very specific conclusions:  a decrease in voice pitch of 22.1 Hertz (Hz) meant an increase in firm size of $440 million, translating into higher compensation of $187,000 a year. The same decrease in voice pitch also meant the CEO was hired about 151 days longer.

The researchers do stress that voice alone doesn’t determine the perception of a CEO. But the results are consistent with scientific  predictions suggesting a role for voice pitch in leadership selection. Earlier research also found that voters of both sexes prefer candidates with lower voices.

Voice of course isn’t everything. Scientists also found a link between body length and leadership.

Photo: Flickr, nicola.albertini
Source: Duke the Fuqua School of Business
Mayew, W., Parsons, C., & Venkatachalam, M. (2013). Voice pitch and the labor market success of male chief executive officers Evolution and Human Behavior DOI: 10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2013.03.001

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