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Data Visualization: Left and Right Voters Looking at Ads

Data Visualization: Left and Right Voters Looking at Ads

Left and right-leaning voters’s brain behave differently to ads.

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(left) right-leaning males, (right) left-leaning males

Which of these two heat-maps do you think represents the attention right-leaning voters pay to this ad? One shows what voters look at that don’t seem too interested in Romney’s face or name. The other represents the attention of voters that are more attracted to Romney himself than his message.

So you can guess it: it’s the left one that demonstrates how right-leaning voters watch ads. They cling more to their leader. This may sound obvious, but this is actually not the case for left-leaning voters that look at their own leader. They don’t seem attracted at all to Barack Obama’s face. Only when Michelle Obama is pictured in the ad, the left-leaning voters stop looking just at the words. You can see this in the following heat-map.

campaign, ad, politician, voters, right, left, obama, michelle, romney

left-leaning voters aged 22-33

The heat-maps come from Cognitive Match, a scientific services team. They monitored the eye focus of young, single, working professionals aged 22 to 33 looking at online ads.

Source: Cognitive Maps

Photo Credit: Sharon Brogan / Flickr

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