da Vinci Drawings Available for the First Time

da Vinci Drawings Available for the First Time

Described as the most amazingly detailed and accurate anatomical drawings of all time, a collection of Leonardo daVinci’s anatomical drawings are going on display for the first time ever.  The drawings illustrate how the man more often celebrated as an artist and engineer, also had an excellent understanding of human anatomy.

The sketches, which had been considered just personal papers of the artist, were left to an assistant and much later bought by sculptor Pompeo Leoni, They were never published although was thought that daVinci had wanted to before his death in 1519. Until 1900 they had remained relatively unknown by the public, as Leoni had bound them in a book and put his name alongside daVinci’s on the cover. They feature fantastic detail of bones, muscles and internal organs, in a style that even the most inexperienced art fan will recognize as his.

According to curator Martin Clayton, “this exhibition will be the greatest opportunity since Leonardo’s death to marvel at his achievement.” The Queen’s Gallery of Buckingham Palace will host the long undiscovered collection of drawings of the human body, starting in May.

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Source: BBC News

Photo: Intelliblog

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