• Will Climate Change Make Animals Shrink?

    Will Climate Change Make Animals Shrink?0

    Evidence for a global decrease in animal size due to global warming is scarce at best. Illustration by Soeshanah snel Climate change, unsurprisingly perhaps, is bound to have many ecological and evolutionary effects on plant and animal life. One of those hypothesized effects is a reduction in body size, especially for warm-blooded critters. The idea

  • Open Access is Reinventing Scientific Publishing

    Open Access is Reinventing Scientific Publishing0

    Words by Nesru Koroso The development of the internet coupled with the dramatic increase in journal subscription fees in the 90s have triggered the creation of Open Access. This movement in the scientific publishing world promotes universal access to scientific research findings free of charge, challenging the 350 years old world of print that has

  • Recommended Watching | Baraka

    Recommended Watching | Baraka0

    Does technology remove us further away from nature? Are we slaves of our own technology? Are we competing with nature? These are three of the many questions that enter your mind when you watch the non-verbal documentary film Baraka. The name Baraka translates to ‘breath of life’ or ‘blessing’ in different languages. The beautiful time-lapse

  • Editors Note | Katja Keuchenius0

    What does science hold for us in 2014? We were wondering about it at United Academics and decided to ask our editors around the world to answer this question in any written form they liked. They enthusiastically sent us small papers, short news stories, well-constructed essays and even a poem. Their conclusion? 2014 is going

  • From Theories to Statistics

    From Theories to Statistics0

    Political scientists will finally bridge the gap Political science has not made much progress in the last centuries. Ever since Plato was pondering on types of regimes in his Republic, political scientists have mostly been contemplating possible ways to distribute power and examining best and worst practices. Their work is merely an expansion of different

  • Life on Earth: Best Before 1.75 Billion Years

    Life on Earth: Best Before 1.75 Billion Years0

    Maybe not everybody knows that life on Earth has an expiration date, and it will come many years before the end of the Solar System. We know that the Sun is a middle-aged star, it is almost 5 billion years old. About another 5 million years will have to pass before the Sun will enter