• Video: Mouthfighting Fish

    Video: Mouthfighting Fish0

    The life of the sarcastic fringehead Here’s a video of a fish fighting with its mouth, but not with its teeth. The Sarcastic Fringehead is a 10-inch fish that lives on the bottom of the ocean around California’s Channel Islands. Most of the fighting is an act of intimidation, but sometimes they make contact. In

  • Video: Helicopter Flies by Thought Control

    Video: Helicopter Flies by Thought Control0

    Non-invasive controls could mean better robot limbs. This video shows a demonstration flight of a new helicopter. But the helicopter isn’t new; the way it’s controlled is. The entire flight was managed by the thoughts of a man wearing a cap with electrodes. The researchers think that if a helicopter can be piloted by detachable

  • Video: New 3-D Microbiology Project Kicks up

    Video: New 3-D Microbiology Project Kicks up0

    Animator raising funds using crowdfunding This could turn into a really great series of videos. Tim Doherty, a medical/scientific illustrator and 3D animator, is making four videos on microbiology (cells, DNA, viruses and the immune system) featuring amazing 3D animation. He wants to make the animation free for schools, but right now he’s raising money

  • Tricking Your Mind With A Music Video

    Tricking Your Mind With A Music Video0

    Backwards walking played in reverse, is that so complicated? Israeli movie maker Messe Kopp wanted to trick our minds. With this simple concept he managed quite well. It takes a while before we really understand what we’re watching. This tricking the mind by reversing a video, isn’t the same as reverse psychology, as you might

  • Watch the World’s First Music Video in Space

    Watch the World’s First Music Video in Space0

    Canadian astronaut sings before returning to earth Chris Hadfield, the Canadian commander of the International Space Station (ISS), has gone where no man (or woman) has gone before. He’s made a music video in space. Hadfield’s videos have largely gone viral (including this one), and are credited with restoring public interest in space programs. While

  • How Big (or Small) Are We, Anyway?

    How Big (or Small) Are We, Anyway?0

    Our size, and placement, is all a matter of perspective. A lot of scientific research aims to figure where we fit in, both in our homes, our bodies, the earth, and the universe. This video from the 70’s does a magnificent job of showing that what we are is really a matter of perspective. Changes