• Pic of the day: Blue-ringed octopus.

    Pic of the day: Blue-ringed octopus.0

    It looks like a creature from another planet, but it’s in the Pacific Ocean, living in tide pools. The blue-ringed octopus is considered to be one of the most venomous marine animals, with enough venom to kill 26 persons within minutes. So watch out if you go to Australia or any other of the Pacific

  • Inspired by Science: Science inspired body art

    Inspired by Science: Science inspired body art0

    When journalist Carl Zimmer asked his readers about their tattoos, and whether any of them had inked themselves up in science-inspired motifs, the response was greater than he imagined. Here are some pictures he can add to that collection. Who needs a tribal when you can have an equation on your shoulder? Source: Discover Magazine

  • Pic Of The Day

    Pic Of The Day0

    Gazing down upon the Earth from the International Space Station. The image is part of the series “Best Space Pictures: Editor’s Picks” by National Geographic. You can check out the complete gallery here. Photograph courtesy NASA