• Ouch! A Closer Look at Porcupine Quills

    Ouch! A Closer Look at Porcupine Quills0

    In North America, meeting up with a porcupine can have painful consequences. It’s barbed quills are known to easily penetrate skin, and are very difficult to pull out. Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found just how easily they penetrate; a quill needs just half the force of a standard hypodermic needle. Why? Looking at

  • How Did Fins Evolve into Legs?

    How Did Fins Evolve into Legs?0

    How did fins evolve into legs? Researchers at CSIC-Universidad Pablo de Olavide-Junta de Andalucía, in Seville, Spain, introduced extra Hoxd13, a gene known to aid in limb growth, to the edge of an embryonic zebrafish’s fin. Presto, a leg was formed. The researchers are now investigating how changes in gene expression may have resulted in

  • Resisting Chinese Construction Boom

    Resisting Chinese Construction Boom0

    Chinese duckfarmer Luo Baogen just finished building his house when the government knocked on the door. They wanted to build a road, they said, so he had to find another home. Mr Baogen refused because he would only be compensated with around a third of the money he just spent on his house. The government