• Why Radicalize? Five Motives For Becoming A Jihadist

    Why Radicalize? Five Motives For Becoming A Jihadist0

    Radicalization is an analyzable process, rather than the outcome of an ‘evil’ personality. Based on other research on radicalization, Karagiannis, of the University of Macedonia,  sees five main motives (or, ‘mechanisms’) that make people evolve from moderately adhering to a cause to exhibiting radicalized thoughts and behaviors. In his research, he focuses on radicalised converts

  • Sick Of Stress: Is Fear Making Us Ill?

    Sick Of Stress: Is Fear Making Us Ill?10

    Fear of terror increases pulse, the risk of disease and subsequent death. The jitters, cold sweats, fast heart rates, heavy breathing. Fear is known to provoke strong bodily reactions. But how much does fear really influence our health? Can fear make you ill? And if so, is this preventable? In a study published in PNAS

  • Religion And War: “It’s Complicated”

    Religion And War: “It’s Complicated”0

    It is not the religion, but its intensity that leads to conflict. When was the last time you read the news and didn’t read about religious war? My guess: you can’t remember. The world around us seems to be saturated with religious conflict. Although many people “feel” that religion is intrinsically linked to armed dispute,