• 5 Ways To Connect Science And Spirituality

    5 Ways To Connect Science And Spirituality0

    Exploring the scientific background of spiritual claims. Science and spirituality are two forces that seem to counteract each other. While science focuses on the natural world, spirituality connects us to the supernatural (or something bigger than ourselves). While science seeks the origin of species, spirituality may give direction in life. So what is the connection?

  • An Om A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

    An Om A Day Keeps The Doctor Away0

    A regular meditation practice is the best prescription you can get. Time has come for me to say it: I meditate. Every day. Some people will think I am coming out, some others will rather say I am outing and think of me as a hippy- freak- weirdo that protects herself from substances abuse with

  • Who Do You Think You Are?

    Who Do You Think You Are?0

    The issue with workplace personality tests. Employers recognise that work performance can’t be predicted perfectly by formal qualifications, references and interviews. Job candidates may have sheaves of diplomas, incandescent recommendations, a charming demeanour and a firm handshake but still turn out to be poor performers. Could these costly recruitment errors be averted? One missing ingredient