• When And Where Did Dogs Become Man’s Best Friend?

    When And Where Did Dogs Become Man’s Best Friend?0

    It may have happened in Europe over 19,000 years ago. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and colours. From the Chihuahua to the St Bernard, the variation is so large that Darwin and others once believed they descended from various wild animals, including the fox and the jackal. However, genetic studies have since revealed that

  • Empathic Pooches Catch Yawns from Their Owners

    Empathic Pooches Catch Yawns from Their Owners0

    Yawning can be contagious – just ask your dog. It’s two in the afternoon. You’re sitting in a meeting room listening to a presentation that is proving to be about as interesting as reading the instruction manual of a toaster. Your eye-lids are doing battle with gravity, and your head threatens to loll forward, but

  • Mutts Aren’t Always Healthier Dogs

    Mutts Aren’t Always Healthier Dogs0

    Studies show how dogs evolved—it started with food Dogs have been at humankind’s side for thousands of years; we’ve bred them for size, ferocity, hunting assistance (actually, assistance of all kinds), and perhaps above all, companionship. Now, a number of studies show how dogs evolved from their wild wolf ancestors, and what all that breeding