• Karma Exists: What Doing Good Does For You

    Karma Exists: What Doing Good Does For You0

    It’s an old wisdom, but now there’s scientific proof: helping someone does not only benefit the reciever. The do-gooder also gets his or her share, in the form of more popularity and well-being. That’s at least what happened to a randomly selected group of 9-11 year olds in Vancouver that started performing acts of kindness.  A team of Canadian

  • Hidden Inflammation Can Trigger Depression

    Hidden Inflammation Can Trigger Depression0

    It is impossible to address the ills of the human mind without also looking for what problems may exist in the body. A recently published study, which included 73,000 Danes, has shown that inflammation, whether the result of an illness or unhealthy lifestyle, can affect your mood, leading to depression. Scientists from Herlev Hospital and

  • Embarrassing Conditions: Jock Itch – It’s a Jungle Down There

    Embarrassing Conditions: Jock Itch – It’s a Jungle Down There2

    The world is full of of embarrassing conditions you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Every week, Carian discusses one. This week: Tinea Cruris. Do you regularly have an itch in your groin area? Do you find yourself looking for relief in ways that aren’t appropriate in most public spaces? You better go see a

  • Catfish Strands Itself to Hunt Pigeons

    Catfish Strands Itself to Hunt Pigeons0

    Those who doubt the power of learned behavior and evolution would be wise to watch this video. A group of European catfish in France have been documented stranding themselves briefly on the shoreline in order to grab pigeons, only to return to the water and devour their kill. Along the River Tarn, near the city

  • Q&A: Predicting the Future by Smelling

    Q&A: Predicting the Future by Smelling0

    We all know certain smells can bring memories back to life. A christmas tree,  your grandma’s baking scents or your first brand of deodorant can take your mind straight back to other times. But these smells can also help us to predict the future, science shows. Marijn van Wingerden has found the part of the

  • What Bodies Say About Faces

    What Bodies Say About Faces0

    Tennis players are psychologically amusing creatures. Their weird sounds and desperate faces show us a wide range of strong emotions. But actually it’s their body language that tells us the most about what they’re feeling, researchers recently discovered. We usually detect the mental state of people by looking at their faces. The most subtile expressions