• Machine Made Body Parts

    Machine Made Body Parts0

     3D printed skin may be stronger than mother nature’s. I first heard about this while I was watching Grey’s Anatomy. Meredith was trying to print a 3D model of a liver, and I thought “That’s cool, but it will never happen.” As it turns out, I was wrong – it’s already happening. A group in

  • Short Video Shows Beauty of Mathematics

    Short Video Shows Beauty of Mathematics0

    Mathematics possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty (B. Russell). Mathematics is always thought to be difficult, abstract and far from everyday life. The following video (the view is strongly recommended in full screen) shows exactly the contrary, or at least, how mathematics relates to our daily life.     In the following lines, we

  • Serious Gaming, Serious Fun?

    Serious Gaming, Serious Fun?0

    Competition as a cost effective way to motivate players of serious games Serious gaming is big business. Many organizations – companies, schools, NGO’s – use games for training purposes, to engage customers, to advertise and to simulate important and critical situations. It is likely that you have been playing a game that was designed with